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Target Stores: Spinning Above the Retail Noise

Here is just one highlight of our eight year partnership, from major branding campaigns to designer launches.


Rising above the retail noise of Thanksgiving weekend, the kick-off to the holiday shopping season, is no easy feat. It was critical for Target to own this crucial earnings quarter. The concept? Target challenged magician David Blaine to escape from a gyroscope spinning five stories above Times Square in time for the annual Two Day Sale on Black Friday. Our PR challenge? Take a week-long regional event, and give it major national legs and sustained excitement.


Give media a reason to keep returning to the story, from the press-conference kick-off to daily newsmakers and the Black Friday finale. Leverage new-media and pop-culture themes to harness citizen journalists and make the story viral.


Kaplow developed a multilayered media strategy with built-in dramatic moments to keep interest high in the days leading up to Black Friday. Highlights included strategic preseeding in the blogosphere; a press conference during which David Blaine was hoisted into the air while hanging from the hook of a crane; bringing a doctor on site to check Blaine’s vitals after an especially cold and rainy night; and transporting select media up five stories on a cherry picker for interviews.


More than 200 million consumer media impressions were garnered in one week, with coverage in 49 of 50 states and across four continents. There were more than 700 broadcast segments and print coverage in the top 30 markets, as well as on more than 60 Web sites. Sales increased in November and December compared to the previous year.

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