Kaplow is an award-winning communications agency headquartered in New York City

with offices in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Palm Beach, Florida.

Founded in 1991 by Liz Kaplow, our agency has been an independent force in the communications industry for more than 30 years. Kaplow bolsters clients’ brands through the magic of authentic storytelling and utilizes emerging technologies and our deep-rooted networks to forge an emotional connection between a brand and its audience, spread our clients’ messages and ultimately drive results.

Most recently named to PRNews’ Agency Elite Top 100 List and winner of Top Places to Work 2020, our team at Kaplow serves and represents clients that span from start-ups to Fortune 500s, and direct-to-consumer to heritage brands. Areas of expertise include beauty and fragrance, fashion and accessories, home and interior design, food and beverage, retail, consumer technology, consumer financial services, CSR, and foundations and associations.


As a full-service communications agency in NYC, we offer our clients much more than just public relations.

Whether our clients are redefining their mission, launching new products, or seeking to gain relevance, Kaplow helps our clients identify their unique differentiators to tell the right story to the right people. It all starts with an insight that we expand into a story that is told through our services - from best-in-class media relations and corporate thought leadership programs to cutting-edge influencer programs and integrated campaigns in today’s digital world.
We leverage our deep relationships with the media, the latest communications technologies, and social platforms to develop new service offerings that help brands communicate their stories internally and to external audiences.

Our size and independence allow us to be fast, nimble, and flexible as we respond to the ever-changing media landscape, offering clients a four-tiered approach focusing on innovation, storytelling, relationships, and building culture and client services.


We help brands crystallize their mission and convey it to consumers. Stories make branding personal; our team allows a company to connect with consumers on a level that transcends transactions and cultivates loyalty.


We connect brands to the people they need to know. Over many years, we have best-in-class relationships with key players in the media as well as social media influencers. Our team carefully curates these relationships, matching brands with these outlets in an authentic and meaningful way.


We are one step ahead of trends, using creativity and disruption to change the conversation around a brand and to set brands apart in consumers’ minds.

Culture & Client Services

We are proud to operate as an extension of our clients’ marketing and communications teams.


Through the decades, we continue to evolve and break ground -
creating emotional connections that change conversations and generate award-winning and business-building results.
Beyond public relations, our services include brand strategy, influencer marketing, social media support, live and virtual events, corporate communications, and measurement and analytics. We are proud of the numerous case studies that demonstrate Kaplow’s ability to evolve a brand over the course of time via full brand campaigns or services that we offer a la carte as well.

Each of our programs are customized for a client’s unique story, audience, and goals. Our creative ideas disrupt, amuse and educate consumers wherever they may be, and our innovative campaigns propel business results that keep clients coming back year after year.
Kaplow is known for its long-standing relationships with clients. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with heritage brands and retailers, many for 20 years or more. We have an engaged team of practitioners that allows us to provide personal support to our clients.

Kaplow and our client work are regularly recognized by top industry awards, including being Best Use of Influencers, Media Relations, and GameChanger Campaign accolades. In 2020, we also celebrated Founder & CEO Liz Kaplow’s induction to the PR Week Hall of Femme and President & Chief Strategy Officer Randi Liodice being named to PR News’ Top Women in Public Relations.


Many brands lack consumer awareness, need a refresh to their image, or have some negative perceptions out there that need to be changed.
Other brands are struggling to define their story or are planning to launch a new product or enter a new geography or category. As your communications agency, we step in at these pivotal moments to help guide clients in making decisions that can ultimately build brand awareness and advocacy.

We see influencer marketing and social media as an opportunity to connect with consumers and create something authentic. Kaplow will get to the heart of yours and make sure that it is amplified to the right audiences, by the right storytellers, and in the right way. In light of today’s environment, it is important to deliver brand messaging and engage consumers in a way that is relevant and current.
Kaplow’s influencer work is grounded in thoughtful strategy, performance optimization, and deep relationships. We create bespoke campaigns and custom solutions based on your brand’s unique needs and objectives. We’ll communicate your brand positioning through influencer endorsers who ignite awareness, conversation, and action.

Our content and design studio creates everything from crafted product shots to eye-catching gifs, all with the aim of showcasing a brand’s story. We have produced content spanning photography, video, gifs, boomerangs, and cinemagraphs in order to reach targeted audiences. We also offer our proprietary Digital Emotional Quotient (DEQ™), which helps clients master a high-touch human response that resonates with their customer base.