Our Proprietary Brand Strategy Approach

Your Agency Partner for Brand Strategy and Communications Support

From refreshing heritage brand identities to launching start-up brands, we are a trusted brand strategy agency that delivers a proprietary, strategic approach to brand strategy and positioning. The ONE session is our proprietary brand strategy process that yields business-building results and is proven to increase a brand’s visibility and sales. By starting with the ONE session, we explore a brand’s differentiators to develop an impactful brand communications roadmap that help brands stand out from the pack. Our goal is to harness the power of one cohesive message across all brand communication channels. We take what’s core to your brand communications DNA and overlap our unparalleled understanding of audience relevancy to strengthen your brand voice across your organization.


As a leading brand strategy and positioning agency that has provided communications support to innovative corporate brands and start-up disruptors, we have a proven track record of helping brands identify and define their core differentiators, uncovering opportunities by delivering customized brand strategies. At Kaplow, our ONE Session’s proprietary approach to brand positioning and brand strategy facilitates an important dialogue that identifies audience relevancy, inspires consensus, promotes thought leadership, and strengthens brand positioning across the organization to generate an output that defines a brand’s white space, opportunity, voice, and narrative for all communication channels.


Our strategy process begins with an immersion meeting with a company’s leadership to identify goals, understand available assets and potential challenges, as well as define audience parameters. Bringing key brand stakeholders together, our valuable brand strategy sessions explore key insights and tackle your core brand communications objectives with exercises and workshops aimed at identifying a relevant white space that your brand can own.


Our agency creates a brand positioning strategy that is fully bespoke to your company’s goals, needs, challenges, and vision for the future. We do this by distilling the most relevant information and creating a comprehensive report that includes a session overview, agreed-upon decisions, core branding differentiation, a strong, customized brand narrative, and a directional roadmap that brings all this to life.


Your customized ONE session report will serve as your company’s communications North Star, providing guidelines and a differentiated perspective for all brand communications.
Let the ONE session help your company harness its thought leadership, authority, and unique voice in a way that is both relevant and resonant in today’s consumer landscape.
Identify An Ownable Brand Identity and Strategic Roadmap
Uncover a strong, customized brand narrative and directional roadmap that brings core branding differentiators to life. For all your brand identity needs, Kaplow, your trusted NYC branding agency.