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We produce over-performing content for some of the world’s most
innovative brands

From crafted product shots to eye catching gifs, video, boomerangs or cinemagraphs, our content always puts the brand story first.

Kaplow’s in-house content and design studio has a proven track record of creating assets that pique the interest of target audiences by amplifying a brand’s individual communications narrative across its owned digital channels and beyond. We’ve worked with companies across all categories – and of all sizes – to successfully create a steady stream of visual inspiration that sparks engagement and drives the use of products and services.

We deliver a consistent look that brings brands to life while engaging consumers on a personal level, making its products and services feel not only relevant, but necessary. Many of our clients have worked with us for decades, and our strategies evolve along with the brand itself, the channels through which information is shared, and the changing face of the market.


Case Studies


Kaplow created content that made the iconic bra brand Warners relevant to a new generation with new branding and social content. We took an unprecedented approach for the intimates category—talking about bras with a sense of humor, just the way women actually talk to each other about them. We coined the term “sleevage” to name a problem area that Warners new technology had solved. The campaign and content was such a success that Warners new No Side Effects bra sold out at retail before the first ad


Kaplow also partnered with Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) to redefine the organization and establish it as an insider source for the beauty industry. Kaplow created a program to honor the most innovative new beauty products each year, chosen by CEW members. To get consumers in on the action, Kaplow launched a Blogger Lounge that has since evolved into a communications center for key beauty influencers, encouraging real-time content creation and sharing to bolster the captivating content Kaplow captures on-site and allow for strategic re-shares from CEW-owned accounts. CEW-branded hashtags continue create a frenzy of engagement, with #CEWAwards becoming a top-trending topic on Twitter each year. The CEW Insider’s Choice Beauty Awards have become the undisputed Oscars of the beauty industry.


Kaplow took on GSQ by Glamsquad’s Instagram social efforts to create a holistic program that built on our ongoing media and influencer management of the brand since its launch. Overseeing GSQ by Glamsquad’s entire digital ecosystem allowed Kaplow to find synergies across influencer, organic and paid social and content and design, bringing them together in the most impactful way– and doubling impressions of the brand’s Instagram content in just three months. The first content photo shoot we managed brought the vision of the brand to life, and the resulting images drove a 148% increase in Instagram content interactions. Additionally, the ability to strategically leverage content from our influencer partnerships resulted in an 1,349% increase in content interactions from influencer reposts.
For over 30 years, Kaplow has been “changing conversations” across all forms of media.
We know that thought-provoking content that reaches consumers beyond the surface level is what really gets people to remember a brand. It’s not just about conveying an image, it’s about forging a connection.