Live & Virtual Events

Kaplow brings our clients’ stories to life with customized experiences about which people talk, write and post.

From the first-ever pop-up store to a round-the-world run, a star-studded intimate dinner, virtual product launch and demo or a panel discussion with business leaders, we believe events are a prime opportunity to bring a brand’s story to life by immersing the audience in its DNA. Whether live or virtual, physical or digital, these events can help a brand make a meaningful impression.

Live, in-person events provide an intimate opportunity for brand representatives to interact one-on-one with their target audience. We create immersive experiences that conveys the essence of brands, shaping relevant stories for editors and influencers and providing personal brand interactions that establish deep connections and endorsements.


A boat in the Manhattan harbor was the setting for retail giant Target’s original pop-up store in 2000, which was organized by Kaplow to the surprise and delight of both media and consumers. Throughout our 20-plus year relationship, we’ve helped to position Target as a retail thought leader that delivers great design across a variety of categories, particularly home goods, design accessories and seasonal items. Following the success of the original pop-up, Kaplow supported the creation of Wonderland, Target’s experiential/digital holiday pop-up store in New York City that demonstrated how Target was shaping the future of retail at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds.
Virtual events have become a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be relevant in the post-pandemic era. 

Digital events allow brands to connect with an even wider audience than possible with in- person only events. And because so much marketing happens via social media, there is a natural tie-in to promoting virtual events, driving brand discovery and, ultimately, conversion.


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaplow hosted a virtual event experience with L’Oreal’s Ralph Lauren Fragrances to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pink Pony, the brand’s global initiative in the fight against cancer. New York floral designer Lewis Miller instructed media and influencers on creating beautiful floral arrangements inspired by the new ROMANCE Pink Pony Edition fragrance. This event successfully combined a celebratory theme along with a safe and customized experience for participants, fostering a sense of connection that inherently became associated with the brand.
Kaplow is energized by creating engaging, unforgettable moments that attract media and consumers on behalf of our clients’ brands.
Creating a meaningful impression, whether in person or online, greatly extends the reach of a brand. These events transcend traditional marketing strategies, opening new possibilities for personal connections with consumers and creative storytelling for media and influencers.