Social Media & Digital Marketing in NYC

Social Media Marketing Support That Boosts Your Following and Adds Authentic Brand Value

We’ll support your brand to achieve consumer exposure, awareness, and conversions, with bespoke social media marketing strategies.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Whatever sector your company operates in, the vast majority of existing and potential customers are active on social media platforms.

Social media platforms are instrumental tools for building real-time meaningful connections with consumers, boosting brand awareness, exposure, and loyalty across the digital space. 

Case Studies


Kaplow will produce a social media content strategy that will strive to connect your brand with a targeted audience that is genuinely interested in your products or services and wants to engage with you in an immediate, informal, and fun way.


By putting you in touch with the right audience, our social media content strategy will help you to establish digital conversations that add value to your brand and to your followers, in a virtuous circle that generates more brand love and loyalty than anything else.


At Kaplow, we don’t do social media marketing just for the sake of upping your number of followers. We will create a social media content strategy that is fully committed to supporting crucial aspects such as brand loyalty and love, through the meaningful, targeted use of social media content and connections.


Take a sneak peek into our three-step social media content strategy process.
Social Media Monitoring and Analysis
Our first step is to perform thorough monitoring and analysis of social media platforms, in order to identify which one is most suitable for your brand. Our aim is to guide you to the best platforms where you can create and share engaging content to drive real conversation and relevancy.
Platform Identification
Once we have established which social media platform, or platforms, will work best for your brand, we will help you to build the right type of content that sparks interest and inspires your target audience.
High-Touch Human Response
We have developed a proprietary tool, Digital Emotional Quotient (DEQ™), to help you master an authentic high-touch human response that resonates with your consumer.


There are many reasons why we believe that you should be partnering up with us for your social media marketing needs.
Let’s begin by unveiling three of them – 
and if you’re interested in more, contact us directly.
The Power of Storytelling
Exhilarating, authentic, original storytelling has the power to transform a brand. At Kaplow, we believe in the power of storytelling, and we inject storytelling techniques into all our digital marketing services – 
including social media marketing.
The Need for Innovation
If you want to stand out, you need to bring something new to the table. And, often, bringing something new to the table means disrupting how things have been so far. At Kaplow we embrace innovative disruption, creating content and strategies that change behavior and drives results.
The Essence of Great Services
From visual storytelling to branding, graphic systems, art, and creative direction, we create bespoke visual assets and branding strategies that can be easily adapted to dynamic contexts. Our methods enable our clients to understand their narrative and make it part of all of their content along with communications materials across digital and physical applications.
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