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industry trailblazer

Since the inception of the CVS Beauty Mark pledge in 2018 – an initiative that represents CVS’ ongoing commitment to transparency in beauty – Kaplow has been at the forefront of developing multi-disciplinary strategies to continue evolving the relevancy and importance of the pledge, while cementing CVS’ leadership as the first major retailer to implement these standards.

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Across three CVS Beauty Mark milestones in 2018, 2019 and 2021, Kaplow developed a strategic framework that penetrated both consumers and the industry through impactful media and social conversation, while delivering internal and external stakeholder engagement.


The multi-phased, surround-sound strategies focused on a number of executional elements.

We first drove relevant, in-depth earned media coverage spanning multiple categories, reinforcing key messaging and thought leadership.

At the same time, we created a groundswell of conversation among thousands of highly influential earned and partner voices who could authentically speak to the Beauty Mark mission.

Finally, we strategically leveraged experts, brand partners and celebrity ambassadors to ignite far-reaching awareness of Beauty Mark.


Through sustained, omni-channel storytelling, we drive this trailblazing mission forward to this day, demonstrating its significant influence on the way brands and consumers think about the digital images they showcase and the messages they send.

The integrated program continues to ignite widespread industry awareness and robust online and offline word-of-mouth conversation, as evident by the strong, measurable results to-date.


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