Taking Femtech
from cult favorite to
mass market

When it comes to motherhood must-haves, word-of-mouth recommendations are often the most trusted by new parents. Elvie, the discreet on-the-go breast pump, knew it needed the backing by trusted celebrity voices to reach a wide consumer audience.

Earned Social Posts from
Earned Impressions


To get Elvie’s products in the hands of celebrities in an earned capacity, Kaplow developed a robust monitoring and outreach process that ensured we were consistently on top of pregnancy announcements.


Through our strategic approach, Kaplow has created social buzz among nearly 20 influential voices.

Driving social coverage from influential and accessible celebrity mothers including Mandy Moore, Katharine McPhee Foster, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, and Iskra Lawrence in an earned capacity. Content, both humorous and educational in nature, explained the benefits of using an Elvie Pump (as seen in Iskra Lawrence’s 20-minute YouTube video) and highlights the time it gives moms back in their days (as seen in Mandy Moore’s IG story).


Not only did our earned seeding drive social conversations with 47M+ impressions – but it also translated into traditional media coverage, highlighting Elvie as a celeb-loved brand in People and What to Expect.

Strategic product seeding drove organic coverage, brand love and awareness for Elvie as a solution geared towards improving womens lives and a brand revolutionizing categories that were stalled for innovation.