Humanizing Skype from Tech Gadget to Consumer Tool

When Skype first came to Kaplow, it was a little-known tech company from overseas. No one had heard of it or knew how to use it, and using the internet to make phone and video calls were still in the early adopter phase.

Kaplow had the insight that Skype’s deepest story wasn’t just about technology, but about the emotional connection it creates between people. We began a series of strategic campaigns — first to generate media excitement and endorsement and then to connect directly with the consumer.

The result? Kaplow turned Skype into a verb that’s synonymous with digital communication.


Using our close media relationships, Kaplow bought to life the idea that Skype enables human connections. We garnered coverage on The Today Show (Matt Lauer exclaimed “Why would anyone make a phone call again?”), The Oprah Winfrey Show (a recurring “Where in the Skype are You?” segment) and other top media outlets.

Seven years later, Skype was a household name and we pivoted our approach. People were using Skype for special events, but not daily. So, we leveraged the user stories of moms, military officers, artists, those in long-distance relationships, celebrity fitness trainers and others to show how Skype could be integrated into every day. We brought this to life with an immersive event that demonstrated how Skype could be utilized for everything from cooking with your mom to prepping for a job interview.

Recently, we’ve incorporated Skype users into our campaigns, showing the impact it has on lives: from witnessing a child’s birth while overseas and virtually coming home for the holidays to attending weddings and upholding the nightly ritual of reading bedtime stories.



Through it all, we have continued to humanize the technology and showcase the emotional impact of Skype. Over the years, Kaplow has created many best-in-class initiatives for Skype:

  • Developing Skype In The Classroom, a social good program that connects classrooms around the world
  • Mitigating crises, including when Skype’s service went down shortly before the holidays
  • Engaged Skype’s users with social media content creation and curation of its social channels
  • Helping Skype stake its claim in the entertainment industry
  • Creating a social movement to combat loneliness by calling people over Skype to “Just say Hello.”
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Over the past 12 years, we have garnered rich, wholly owned stories — and in many cases, repeat coverage — in thousands of outlets ranging from TODAY, Wired, USA Today, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Parents, Fast Co. Create, Wired, CNN, The View, Fox & Friends, The Early Show, ABC News, Time, The Huffington Post, Refinery29, HerCampus, Extra, ET, Access Hollywood, Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Parade, Mashable, Weekend TODAY, the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Magazine, PopSugar, omg! Insider, Bustle.com Harper’s Bazaar and O, The Oprah Magazine.