Connecting content
to commerce through
an Amazon affiliate collective

Faced with a changing intimates landscape and highly visible DTC competitors, Warners sought out a digital-first solution to attract new customers.

Selling Bra
New Orders


A data driven approach tapped trustworthy, influential voices.

Warners was able to accelerate consumer consideration and connect content to commerce by featuring best-selling bras in relatable usage occasions that educated and inspired fans.

To bring these target consumers through the marketing funnel to conversion, Kaplow executed a sales driving Amazon affiliate influencer pilot program in partnership with ShopStyle.


Taking a cue from consumer behaviors, Kaplow implemented a talk track focused on comfort, simplicity and accessibility as women’s bra wearing behaviors had changed throughout the pandemic.

Kaplow secured 11 brand-aligned, fully-vetted influencer partners with a history of conversion whose disruptive 146+ pieces of content underscored the true comfort, inclusivity and enhancement of a women’s bra wearing experience – thanks to Warner’s design details and innovations.


During the campaign timeframe, Warners Easy Does It Bra (a featured product in influencer content) was named the #1 selling bra at the NPD Intimates Awards (May 2021).

With the goal of outselling competitors and regaining market share, the affiliate program drove an unprecedented $183K in sales from 8K orders.