Thought Leadership Strategy

We Help You To Be Recognized For
Your Expertise

A thought leadership strategy is a powerful part of any marketing and communications program. Being recognized as a thought leader means becoming known as an expert by your industry peers and consumer audience, setting you and your brand apart.


Essentially, developing a thought leadership strategy is about telling your story in the right way, to the right people.
It is putting you and your expertise at the epicentre of your communications to drive interest in and attention around your business, products, and services. Executive and spokesperson thought leadership is one of the most effective strategies to build and differentiate your brand. Thought leadership establishes credibility and trust. It’s an excellent way of creating a bond between you and your audiences.
Thought leaders share insights that are valuable to editors and endorsers by helping consumers. We leverage our media and industry relationships to establish brand executives that become known as the go-to people in their industries. In fact, if you think about any industry right now, you will probably come up with a handful of names you would consider the leaders of that field.


Thought leadership directly benefits your business
as the trust invested in you as an individual helps set your brand apart by reinforcing the values and ownable narrative that sets it apart.

Your personal narrative and brand story become intertwined to form a new, even stronger narrative. Because businesses cannot speak for themselves, their messages are shared through a collection of executives and spokespeople driving a company’s thought leadership forward. With the right messaging development, media training, and strategy, individual stories become the organization’s narrative to differentiate it and drive it forward.


Becoming a thought leader does not happen from one day to the next.
Consistent efforts are the key to a successful thought leadership strategy. The most effective strategies are built around answering the questions your target consumer and industry peers are asking. You can feature your products and services in your answers, but your expertise and knowledge take center stage, positioning experts as go-to resources within their fields.

Establishing thought leadership starts with understanding your audience and its needs. What problems does your audience face that you can solve? Which questions of theirs could you answer?
What insights can you provide that will help your prospective customers? How do you strategically link that back to your brands’ core messaging, values and leadership? Answering these questions will help you and us draw up a list of outstanding content for thought leadership pieces.

Based on your key brand messaging and target audience, we identify the right outlets and opportunities to share your story.

To maximize your opportunities to become known as a thought leader, we tailor the unique insights you provide to the most receptive audiences.


Thought leadership has an even bigger impact if your content is published by respected
media outlets.
At Kaplow, we value our close relationships with leading editors, influencers, celebrities, endorsers, and media executives. These relationships help you reach the right people at the right time with your story and expertise.

Partnering with the media requires consistency and valuable insight, with your brand message strategically woven throughout. Editors and storytellers value expert insight, but they are trained to ask probing questions and to separate ‘fluff’ from the information that’s truly valuable to their audience. That’s why an impactful thought leadership strategy centers around developing a forward-thinking strategy and, from that,
developing ownable insights delivered through interesting and consistent messaging.

In addition to media opportunities, speaking engagements are an excellent way of establishing thought leadership in your field. If you are a charismatic presenter and enjoy engaging with a live audience, giving talks, or joining a panel discussion provide fantastic opportunities to connect to your audience directly.

The growing popularity of digital conferences and seminars has only increased the public’s appetite for hearing from thought leaders and seeing them live.


Like every other part of your communications strategy,
your thought leadership strategy needs to be rooted in storytelling and a deep understanding of your business and industry. We work with your brand goals in mind to reach the audiences you want to reach with the stories that pique their interest.
Ready To Discover Thought Leadership?
Thought leadership is about engaging with your audience with powerful expertise told in an interesting way. It’s about finding strategic ways to reach and spark genuine conversations with your community and developing trusted relationships with key editors and decision-makers to become a “go-to” expert with thoughtful insights that help achieve your brand goals. Reach out to us today to discuss how Kaplow can help you with your company’s thought leadership strategy.