Establishing 23andMe
as a genetic health authority

While 23andMe had become well known for showcasing how DNA can connect consumers to their ancestral roots, the brand saw an opportunity to strengthen its authority in the health and wellness space.

Media + Influencers
Consumer Attendees
Health Reports Showcased


Since 23andMe was already a recognizable name, Kaplow developed a narrative that put health at the forefront.

We positioned company founder Anne Wojcicki as a health industry thought leader, offering a first-hand look into her vision and the brand’s role in empowering consumers to make confident decisions around their health.


A panel discussion with Anne and select customers highlighted the positive impact of 23andMe’s health information on their lives, as well as a Hearst Master Class, moderated by then Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider.

Kaplow also developed an interactive “Meet Your Genes” pop-up experience tied to the company’s marketing campaign, giving media and consumers a hands-on education about the brand’s perspective on how genes can impact health and wellness.

Kaplow amplified all efforts with speaking engagements and national media exposure to support new health report launches and storytelling opportunities that provided further credibility to the platform.


Leveraging thought leadership and consumer media strategies to reposition 23andMe’s story, we successfully shifted the perception of the company from ancestry tool to genetic health authority.

The thought leadership events were attended by dozens of media, giving them the tools to inspire meaningful coverage throughout the year.

These anecdotes paint 23andMe as a crucial component
of people’s health journey.”